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Submissions FAQ



I've written an awesome story! How do I submit it to you?


Just select the link on the right that corresponds to the title you are submitting to. Easy.


That's an awful lot of clicking you are making me do.


We have a lot of books on the go at any one time. Go on, work that digit.


How should I format my submission?


We accept .doc and .rtf files. Half inch margins, Times New Roman, double-spaced, with any special positioning clearly indicated and a word count at the top next to your title and name.

Italics instead of underlines. No headers or footers please, and no page numbers.


What if I submit it in another font, say Arial?


We will be slightly miffed.


What happens if I go over the word limit?


If you go over by just a handful, then we have no problem with that, providing those extra words make the story even more brilliant than we could possibly conceive. However, if you fill your story with fluff at the expense of a ripping yarn, then it's doubtful that will sit well with us. Just keep driving your amazing story forward with vim and vigor, and it will all turn out lovely in the end.


Do you have any issue with... questionable... content?


We take it you mean extreme sauciness of the naked variety and/or violent acts of utter ghastliness.

Well, we are not making books for children (except of course our children's books) and if your story dictates a need for less than savory prose, then we are not going to tell you how to write it. However, if it is shocking just for the sake of it and does nothing for the narrative, or makes any of our extremely hardy editors squiffy, or is just terribly written, then there is a good chance that you will not be getting into the book.


When will I hear back from you about my submission?


We will try to acknowledge receipt of your sub on the same day via email, or at least the next day. After that you might have to be patient for a while before discovering if you have been accepted or not into the book. We will ensure that all authors know where they stand at least 2 months after the closing date of the submission process.


Thanks for all the info!


Hey, you're welcome! Thanks for being a writer. That makes you amazing.


The Call of Poohthulhu

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