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Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers,

Moon Beasts, Lycanthropes...



Whatever you choose to call them, they are the last thing you want to encounter in a darkened alley, or in a jungle, or in your bathroom.


In Brian M. Sammon's follow-up anthology to the critically acclaimed 'The Dark Rites of Cthulhu', sixteen contemporary masters of the macabre weave their fevered visions into tales that turn the werewolf trope on its head.

True, there are a handful of traditional lupine monsters within the pages, but these creatures rub hairy shoulders with bizarre chimeras, cyberpunk beasts and scaly demons.


Flesh Like Smoke will transport you from our distant past to our distant future with more familiar locales dotted along the way, locales drenched in blood and echoing with screams.



"(Brian M. Sammons') collections are always solid examples of original works by some of the best authors around. If you read enough of his books, you will begin to recognize the authors that often contribute to his collections. You will get to know their styles and become excited about reading their latest entries. This book is no exception."

- five star Amazon review

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Artwork also available!

Postcard pack (set of 16): $15

Original illustrations: $40 each

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