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When Felix Brewer finally gets the video camera he has been coveting, he discovers a button on the lens housing that isn’t in the manual. Once that button is pressed, the viewfinder shows him glimpses of a nightmarish world living in symbiosis with ours, and reveals his girlfriend, Audrey, to be a frightening creature; her face a burning mass of melting light and distortion.

Seemingly alone in his visions, Felix relies on the support of strangers both dubious and intriguing to make sense of it all…

and hopefully protect him from the dark creatures that want to brutally silence him forever.

Has Felix discovered a disturbing world no one else can see or is he barreling toward a tragic end through a haze of inherited insanity?


"A Tear in the Veil is one hell of a wild ride..Attaching a genre label is pretty tough. Post-matrix, tech-forward, mystical, punk, psychofunkadelic, dark fiction probably does not do it justice."

"A spectacular novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. And every time you start to think you have a grasp on what is happening things take a turn and the plot thickens. The novel brings you into a unique world full of beauty and horror; and the characters that occupy it are alluring and distinct."

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